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The Fair in the Square welcomes another great acrobatic show organised by Jackson’s Lane Theatre. This year the performance is ‘Look Up’ an exciting collaboration of circus, puppetry and theatre which follows follows Robyn, a child puppet who has a curiosity with birds and flying.


With the help of the audience, and some colourful feathers Robyn stops the other characters looking down and tricks them into looking up, reminding them what it is to play and feel free. The show takes place on a self-supported custom-made aerial rig and explores the relationship between circus performer, puppet and the audience. It is a non-verbal production, making it perfect for deaf audiences, and for audiences who

may not use English as a first language.


“Look Up is one of the highlights from this year... The four amazingly talented acrobats left the audience gasping, in awe of their skills. With masterful puppetry too, the show wowed every crowd over the weekend.” 

Children’s Theatre Reviews, Just So Festival 2018

Look Up

Presented by Jacksons Lane